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Is Your Marketing Falling Flat?

It is probably your copywriting.

Great products don't sell themselves.

But, without better copywriting, your marketing will fall flat. In a crowded marketplace, that means fewer sales. And sales help you stay in business.

We help you get the words that sell your products and turn your marketing into a money-making machine.

My Clients No Longer Struggle With

Wasting $$ and time on copywriting that does not sell. 

The frustration of marketing that falls flat. 

Trying to write copy themselves or having untrained staff try to write effective copy. 

Most of my clients tell me that they know SOMETHING is wrong with their copy, but they just don't know exactly WHAT.

  I get that.

I help you clarify your message, remove confusion and make sure your copy grabs your customers' attention.


I find missing or incomplete elements, copy "blind spots", make sure your website is working properly, and make suggestions & write copy that will make your marketing better.

What Clients Are Saying...

R. KeeneHealth Information Products Marketing, NFP

Leslie Nafus wrote a 29 email sequence for our coaching program launch...


I met weekly with Leslie over a 4 week period, during which she wrote the copy (mostly from scratch) and also provided ideas and advice on our communications and copy strategy. I'm very happy with and impressed by the quality of her work and the package she delivered. I found her very attentive during our calls. She took time to research our niche, our offer and our value proposition. She asked a lot of probing questions (taking notes constantly) and made many valuable insights. She gave me exactly what I wanted, on time and within budget. In addition, I found her easy to work with and generally very pleasant. If you're looking for an excellent, professional, direct-response copywriter who will deliver then look no further.

Hawk MikadoHawk Mikado ★ Publisher of Funnel Magazine™

There are a lot of people who claim they are good copywriters. Leslie has the chops to back that claim up...


She is an experienced direct response copywriter, trained and personally mentored by Ray Edwards, one of the foremost direct response copywriters of our time, as well a Copywriting Master Coach in Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program, and an entrepreneur in her own right. I had the pleasure of working with Leslie on several copywriting projects over the last year (plus) —writing email series for my marketing clients in a variety of business industries & political races, writing for my company, and appearing on two of my summits as a guest expert on copywriting. Leslie is truly an EPIC copywriter who delivers. I’m always impressed with her copy. I highly recommend you connect with her and build a relationship—or straight up hire her.

Craig GravesCareer & Mindset Coach

I needed sales page for a product launch. I had a friend of mine write a sales page that I thought was good but...


in my gut something seemed to be missing. I had met Leslie through a mutual friend so I contacted her for a consult and after hearing her ideas during the conversation it was an easy decision to hire her. She revamped and rewrote the page based on conversations we had and the result blew my mind. Leslie was very professional during the project and very responsive to my emails and questions during the process. It was a pleasure working with her and I’m going into my launch confident that I have a strong sales/landing page! I recommend Leslie to anyone reading this and know I will be working with her again in the future.

Dr. Ted Vickey,   President, Fitwell, Inc. & Professor of Kinesiology, Point Loma University 

After having worked at the White House for over 11 years, anyone I hire must first pass my "Presidential Quality" test...


During our consultation, Leslie immediately put me at ease, listened to what I needed and showed how she could help me. Leslie worked to create a relationship with me and my company, one that will now last a very long time. If you need a copywriter, I highly recommend Leslie. She gets a perfect score on my “Presidential Quality” test.

Donna BianchiHI, Author & Transformational Life Coach

Leslie’s writing is clear, creative, and innovative...


She is consistently on time and on point. After sending an email series she wrote last year, my books sales went up by EIGHT TIMES!

How It Works

Book A Copy Strategy

Call With Leslie


Choose Your Copy
Strategy Package


Get The Copywriting That

Boosts Your Marketing

Does this sound like you?

• You are a business owner and have a product or service that meets a need, solves a problem, eases a pain, or makes life better for your customers .

• You want to bring positive change to the world, to your customers, and to your business.

• You have a lot of copy you need to write—emails, social media ads, sales pages, web copy & content, and you either don’ t have the time, the team, or the expertise to write it.

• You want your copy to speak your customers’ language in a way that creates a strong connection between your business and your customers, bringing more results and opt-ins. Copy that gets more sales and increases your returns.

• You understand the value and importance of great copy and having an expert write it.

Better Marketing Begins With Better Copywriting

Here's how I can help you make your marketing better

Coming Soon!

The DIY Copy Package

This package is best for solopreneurs & others who have more time than $$ and not a lot of copy to write. After your Copy Strategy Call, you can get a micro-course on how to make your copy better, all by yourself.

The Done WITH You

Copy Package

This package is best if you have quite a bit of copy that needs to be audited & rewritten to make your marketing better, and not a lot of time to do it, or an in-house copywriter to do it for you.

The Tabula Rossa:

The Done For You Package

This package is for you if your copy is a blank slate and you have a lot of copy to write.

You need someone to write your copy for you-landing pages, emails, sales letters, blogs, and more.
Or, you need someone to write the new stuff and audit the old to make your marketing better.

Better copy begins with a Copy Strategy Call. For only $97 you get a 50-minute Copy Strategy call where we'll go over your needs and see what kind of copy package fits best to make your marketing better.

FREE GUIDE: 3 Smart Hacks to Make Your Copy Better Right Now!

Receive these Smart Hacks in your E-mail to start making your copywriting better, right now!

Inside you'll find 3 hacks the "pros" use to make their copy better.

After reading this guide:

• You'll be able to give your copy a mini-audit to find anything that is confusing, boring, or unbelievable, plus

• You'll get tips to write copy that STOPS the scroll, & gets people to read your headlines, plus

• You'll find out how to get your audience to click & buy when you send them an offer.

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