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Hey There!

My name is Leslie and I am a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter.


Certification by Ray Edwards means that I have been personally trained and mentored in the copywriting method that has generated more than $400 million in sales, by one of the best copywriters & online communication strategists of our time.


I am an adventurer who grew up in a back-to-basics lifestyle in the wilds of North Idaho, and who has lived in both Alaska and Hawaii.

As an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and the non-profit sector, I understand the tightrope most businesses walk between solving the problems and meeting the needs of their customers while making a profit.

When I lived on Maui, I was known as "The Gluten Free Lady." I conceived, built, and managed every aspect of a successful gluten-free bakery serving high-end restaurant, hospitality and retail clientele in Maui, HI.

Now I am known by some as “The Copywriting Lady.”

Leslie Nafus The Gluten Free Lady


You know the power of good, direct response copywriting.

You know what good copy can do for your business and have probably even envied the copy of other businesses.

Stop the envy.

I am here to help. All you have to do is take the right next action that will further your mission.

Let’s talk about how I can serve your business by helping you with great copy, so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

I have helped:

  • visitors bureaus market their destination to hundreds of thousands of visitors,

  • non-profits secure six-figure grants,

  • virtual assistants get clients,

  • visitors bureaus market their destination to hundreds of thousands of visitors,

  • natural health clinics, fitness trainers, fashion stylists, authors and coaches sell more books and programs,

  • real estate agents highlight specialty neighborhoods to buyers,

  • provided marketing consultants with high-impact copy,

  • and coached writers into their own Ray Edwards certifications and beyond.

  • Now I want to help YOU get the copywriting your business needs to speak your customers’ language, to solve their problems, and change the world.

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    Just In Case You're Interested:

    Why I Write Copy


    The most exciting thing for me is to be able to influence the world for good. I want to use my gifts and talents to encourage and influence the most people for the most good in this short life I've been given.


    In the beginning was the Word...I have long believed in the power of the written word to transform lives and change the world for good.


    Impact without good affect is just a car wreck. Copywriting offers me the best opportunity to create maximum impact with good affect. It's really as simple as that.

    Code of Conduct

    As a Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter, I have agreed to adhere to the following code of conduct when conducting business and providing copywriting services.

    I promise to always demonstrate the following core values to the best of my ability:

    • Professionalism: I am reliable, keep my word, and never compromise my values.
    • Transparency: I seek collaborative interactions without hidden agendas.

    • Integrity: I strive to always do the right thing by adhering to sound moral principles.

    • Ethics: I recognize the difference between right and wrong, and apply honesty and fairness to all relationships.

    • Respect: I value the contributions of everyone and treat others with dignity and courtesy.

    • Quality: I am committed to providing the best work product with results that surpass expectations.

    • Timeliness: I meet deadlines and provide consistent updates about my progress.

    • Confidentiality: I keep my word as a trusted resource that maintains confidence and privacy.

    • Sincerity: I convey genuine interest and straightforward honesty.

    • Humility: I realize I don't have all the answers and do not act arrogantly.

    • Kindness: I seek opportunities for random acts of kindness and ways to make others look good.

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